Arborist Tree Services

Motivated from our love of trees and the environment

    Planning & Developement Site Tree Surveys
    Tree surveys compliant with BS: 5837
    Arboricultural Impact Assessments
    Arboricultural Method Statements and Tree Protection Plans
    Tree Surgery Work Plans, Supervision and Audits

    Tree Health & Condition Surveys
    Individual Tree Reports
    Tree Hazard Surveys
    Tree Health and Condition Surveys
    Road and Street Tree Surveys
    Wind-Throw Risk Surveys

    Management Plans Consultancy Woodland Management Plans
    Country Estate Management Plans
    Street Tree and Parkland Management Plans

    Consultancy Legal and Insurance Issues
    Professional Representation
    Independent Advice


    Tree Felling
    We specialise in the felling of trees in a safe and controlled manner with the most experienced crew available to tackle the biggest of jobs.

    Tree Pruning
    Formative pruning helps to restore the form or integrety of a tree and can be achieved by various methods,
    crown raising, crown reduction,
    crown thinning, crown restoration,
    view pruning.

    Stump Grinding
    removal of stumps after tree has been felled by grinding into the ground to enable grassing over or replanting.

    Hedge Trimming
    We take great care in the management and pruning of hedges. We also prune creepers around houses and commercial buildings.

About us

Arborist Tree Services, based in Ireland are dedicated to providing a professional, clean and efficient service that meets the need of our customers but also respects the environment. We work with residential, commercial and municipal clients with a fully qualified staff and specialize in all aspects of Tree Services. Our drive is motivated from our love of trees and the environment and we offer free quotations with a view to helping you manage your trees for the future.

Eoin O Connell has over 20 years of experience working with trees. He started out with a horticultural certificate and later went to study arboriculture in Myerscough College,Preston,UK. After leaving this course he has worked within the tree industry in many countries such as Norway, France, Switzerland, Sweeden, California, New Zealand, South Africa, Namibia. With a passion for trees and being outdoors he has a great appreciation of nature and the fine balance of our environment.

Satisfaction is our priority

We don't want to conquer the cosmos, we simply want to extend the boundaries of Earth to the frontiers of the cosmos.
  • Tree Surveys

    We provide surveys for planning permission or conditional surveys all complying with BS5837.

  • Site Clearance

    We are fully equipped for to remove trees / hedges / hedgerows for any size site.

  • Firewood and logs

    We sell firewood in bulk and also have it available in bags. All our firewood is seasoned hardwood.

  • Timber Milling

    We have a specialist mill that can mill your tree into planks and also sell native timber(planked) either air dried or kiln dried.

  • Tree Climbing

    Access and rigging come hand in hand with climbing experience and we can offer all aerial services including Swings,Aerial Zip Lines, Christmas light hanging,Cat Rescue,Tree house installation etc.

  • Wood chip

    We have seasoned woodchip for sale(delivery or collection).

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We are very satisfied with the work Eoin O’Connell has carried out at the French residence, and strongly recommend him and his team. Arborist Tree Services provides a reliable and professional service which deserves much praise for the quality of its work and reasonable rates.

the French residence

Arborist Tree Services have been involved with Dublin Zoo for several years now.

They would do most of our tree surgery, especially any remedial work, storm damage, crown raising, lightening, reductions, as needed, and to our requirements, that needs climbers.

They also help with dressing our animal areas with dead trees, sometimes from our grounds, sometimes from the Phoenix Park, using cranes to lift them into position.

They have always been quick to respond in emergencies, eager to carry out the work as needed, professional in their advice and recommendations while working, and safe while working in a public garden.

Stephen Butler Dip Hort Kew
Curator of Horticulture
Dublin Zoo

Core crew

We specialise in crane removal

Contact us

Please feel free to call or email us, no job to small or alternativly use contact form below.

+353(0)86 065 2222 +353(0)1 832 4689